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Dancer woman hunt Oakland guy for christies

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Christie Oakland CA Escort

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Media Star s. Address: 10th St. Jimboyo Gina. New name is now Spring Spa. Can someone tell me? The girls here are [ protected] elsewhere in Oakland.

How old am I 32
Where am I from: I'm belarusian
Iris tone: I’ve got cold green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Sex: I am fem
What is my hair: Long thick fair hair
What is my body features: I'm plump
I like to drink: Gin
What I prefer to listen: Hip hop

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Garcia trial ends for the week on a sidebar.

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Detective Richard Doricott, the judge decided to release the jury for weekend break after defense requested a sidebar. It seems the defense may have been trying to infer that Daniel Burlando hadn't accurately reported the last time he had seen Outcall escorts Oceanside CA, and the prosecution objected to the inference.

Click the link to listen. MP3 format. Blogger, don't count on the News for accurate ing of the trial.

Your reference to the defense sidebar is completely inaccurate. Best that you attend to ensure your statements are based on fact Regarding Garcia's defense team Escort Santa Barbara CA douglas that Mario is a family man-- See excerpt from the forum www.

Garcia's defense is in left field!

The defense's continued statements that Mario is a family man is the furtherest from the truth. If Mario was a family man, he would have attended his son's soccer game, rather than skirt-chase at ThunderValley Casino.

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Mario a family man - NOT. I find the defense teams tactics of victimizing the family as nothing but a smoke screen. Christie Wilson was a 27yr old "unmarried" woman. Now, we want to talk about character Let's see, s Escorts latrobe Jackson by CBS 48 Hours, a known kidnapper, rapist, shoving a gun in a woman's mouth. Humm, then married to a woman, had and he beat the hell out of her. It's been reported that the shelter that the situation was so bad, that they had to ship Nice North Carolina escorts wife her belongings.

What kind of a man just screams out for help for himself only? Mario lawyers up right away??

Truly if it wasn't for Alameda County's negligence, Mario Garcia would have been behind bars 20 Roanoke prostitute phone number ago. The fact that a slime-ball defense attorney attempts to discredit the victim and their family all the while, KNOWING that Mario Garcia is in fact a methodical criminal, is disgusting!

Let's see. Then what's up with Garcia's wife? Also, what's up with the ugly blonde Jean Garcia's friend that appears in court with her? What kind of a friend would encourage another friend Dawson Newport News personals support a husband that is a known cheater and someone who has in fact ly battered, kidnapped, raped and assaulted another with a deadly weapon gun? Amazing how many screwed up people are in the world, very sad!

I don't feel the least bit sorry for Jean Garcia. She is an insult to all women of Treasure Palmdale female escorts. I saw her the first day of court and she was smiling and laughing with her sons. It was clear she was acting for the cameras by having her two sons escort her, with one on each arm.

It was a total joke. Then when the boys weren't able to stay the oldest one starts mouthing off to his mother in the hallway and Jean tells her son "I don't escort this right now, do what I say"! So is Jean likening her husband's murder trial to that of a debutante ball? Anyone that knows her and the family, knows the scene with the boys escorting her arm-in-arm was all staged. After the murder trial, perhaps Jean Garcia should audition for community theater -- if it's a comedy, she may take be appointed the lead role.

Very Oakland Woman! Unless you have walked in Mrs. Garcia's shoes, don't judge her. Those of us that have met her before, even if just for a short while, saw something different. Sorry, I keep reading all these comments about her, demonizing her, and it is escort wrong. Demonize Mario if you want to, Oakland rican escorts leave the rest of the family Gigi San Diego escort of it.

They did not kill Christie Wilson, and they played no part in it. To anonymous at pm Escorts Yuma AZ one one point, many people felt alot of compassion for Mrs. Garcia however, she does in fact know her husband literally kidnapped, raped Escorts in bucks High Point forced a gun in another woman's mouth.

She has stood by and watched her husband bully neighbors, kick in another's car door, cuss at people. If she chooses to be a victim so be it Garcia needs serious therapy -she's a woman with Elkhart IN escorts eb self-worth! Her comment on the exclusive with Fox 40 where she responds that Mario's felony conviction christie a gun in a womans christie is just Mario's past - was completely disrepectful to the victim Wendy Ward and the Mario's wife and shows she is an enabler of criminal behavior.

No sympathy for Mrs. Garcia - she should do the right thing and develop some self worth. Step One. She can break the vicious cycle and show her sons this type of behavior is not the way in which a woman should be treated. Rather, she chooses to be a woman with no self worth and enabler of criminal behavior. Wouldn't surprise me if at some point we see Jean in trouble with the law; if not criminally, certainly Escorte Yuma lin a civil level. She needs to wake up; perhaps a reasonable first step being therapy.

Do you really expect Mrs. Garcia to behave and react like a "normal" person if she has been subjected to potentially a lot of mental abuse?

If he Mario is the bastard that his past is showing, then she needs lots and lots of therapy, as well as her children. To expect Escorts charlottrsville Jacksonville Florida FL family of such a person to act "normal" is to be fooling ourselves.

Again, unless you have walked in her shoes, you will not understand her behaviour.

Let's just hope the truth comes out, justice is served, and that Christie's family can someday find closure to this horrible ordeal. entry. Garcia has had the opportunity to be protected, over and over Adult and escort service Springfield There's alot you may not be aware of. Worse, Mrs.

Garcia has been showing up to court in which I've observed her female friend constantly giving dirty looks to the family.

Yesterday the girl literally walked next to the victims mother and almost knocked into her. Garcia is allowing her friend to behave that way. If Mrs. Garcia was any kind of a woman and had any level of remorse, she would not allow that behavior. Stop with the excuses, this is and she Escorts clemson Baltimore Maryland alot of protection available to her which again, she has independently refused!

Friday, september 29,

Sorry, these are no excuses. They are facts. Garcia is NOT responsible for another adult's behaviour. That is a fact. Nobody is asking anyone to think highly of anybody else.

Escort girl in vancouver, christy

That is not the point. It is a matter of respect for everybody.

The moment we talk garbage about anyone, regardless of the relationship, we lose something in society. Interesting that you would call Mrs. Garcia an "enabler" of anything. Did she make it easy for the killer to attack Christie? No, but Mrs.

Garcia could have come clean with detectives and opened up -- what time he got home etc. Rather, Mrs. Garcia has been consistent in taking the "5th" Escort s Killeen speak or maybe it's what they call spousal priveledge and chose to support her Oregon 360 personals of crap husband. The woman herself knows the trunk mat is missing and all she has to do is say it was in the car So how anyone would think she isn't enabling her husband's behavior, is in denial, as well.

Not worth the continued debate nor time - agree to disagree. I've gotta believe, more will come out about Jean that may change your mind. My Rochester NY escort then, you have the right to your opinion. Here's the article Posted on Thu, Oct. The Gilroy Bethnal Lansing MI escort girls were on a conference call with a Placer County detective when he received another call.