Looking for a fun time? Come out and spend some time, and a little money, and have some fun while you’re at it.

Quarter Auctions

A quarter auction is a bit of a mix between a raffle and an auction. When you arrive you will be given an auction paddle, and will have an opportunity to view the auction items around the room.

Once the auction has started, the MC will announce the cost of each item’s bid. Most are only a quarter, but more valuable items may cost more per bid. Once all the bids are placed, a number will be pulled and the corresponding paddle will win, assuming it’s owner placed a bid.

Come to St. Joseph’s

St. Joseph’s church will be hosting a quarter auction this Friday June 7, 2019 Prize values will range from $25 to $100 and bids will range from $.25 to $1. St. Joseph’s church is located at 915 Liberty Road Sykesville MD, 21784