Maryland is a place of nature and beauty. We have so many different trails to hike and reservoirs to take in the beauty of. There are so many trails around Eldersburg alone that it’s so great. Here are just a few hikes that we think you’ll enjoy the most.

Patapsco Valley State Park: Woodstock Trail

Labeled as “hard,” this trail in the Patapsco Valley State Park is 5.4 miles. It is a loop, so you’ll come right back around to where you started. It’s ranked number three of the 79 trails in the State Park. It’s a beautiful loop for a beautiful time. However, it is very sparingly marked, so keep your eyes open and pay attention!

Coot Peninsula Loop

The Coot Peninsula Loop is a “moderate” trail and 4.2 miles long. As the name implies, it is a loop. This trail goes up to 498 feet in elevation, and takes you to a beautiful waterfront scene.

Photo by John Beatty, AllTrails

Liberty Reservoir: Liberty West-Morgan Run Trails

Again a moderate trail, the Morgan Run Trail is 7.4 miles long. It also loops back around, like the others. You can also ride horses and mountain bikes on this trail.

Ward Trail

This trail is significantly shorter than the other ones, but it is still a loop and ranked at a moderate difficulty. The Ward Trail is 3.9 miles long. It connects the Liberty Dam trail to the Oakland Road trail, so if one hike wasn’t enough, you can go for more!

Piney Run Park Trails

The shortest and easiest of the trails, Piney Run Park Trails are 3.6 miles long. This will lead you along Piney Run Reservoir, so you’ll have amazing views of the water.

Maryland is a great place to hike, and definitely around Eldersburg! If none of these trails tickle your fancy, check out AllTrails for more scenic hikes. They offer more information, directions to the trail, and even pictures of the trail! They also allow you to save trails, so when it’s warmer out, you can look at which ones you really liked.

Happy hiking, Eldersburg!