The average amount of monthly users on yelp is around 145 million. Today, we’ve used it to find the top three restaurants in Eldersburg to help you pick out where you go on date night.

J & Y Tokyo Market

J & Y Tokyo Market is a sushi bar on Liberty Road. With 150 reviews, it rings in the number one spot at 4.5 Star Rating. The price range is moderate, and worth it for the food you get.

J T. from Crofton, MD, says “…even if you’re not in the area, I think it’s worth the drive,” and recommends the Geisha Smile Roll or the Super Volcano Roll.

Tishea D. from Baltimore, MD, said she’s been going there for 12 years, and she still loves it. Joey M. from Brookeville, MD, says it’s “an unexpected surprise in Eldersburg– a good sushi joint!”

Needless to say, it’s worth the trip. Check out more of the reviews to get more recommendations about what to get for your first trip there!

Oscar’s Alehouse

There are two locations for Oscar’s Alehouse, and today we are going to focus on the Yelp reviews for the one in Eldersburg.

Coming in at 2nd with 214 reviews, this fun alehouse has a 4 Star Rating. The price range is about the same at J & Y Tokyo Market, but very different food. As an alehouse typically does, they serve American food and typical bar foods.

Frank W. from Baltimore, MD, says the restaurant is “no less than great,” and the food was “better than great.”

Kelly K. from New Market, MD, said to not let the size fool you; the Alehouse is bigger than it looks! She also said the beer menu was on of the best she’s seen, and it was nicer than a normal pub.

Karen T. put it simply; “Great good, delicious beer, and excellent customer service.”

We don’t think you need more convincing, but if you do, check out more of the reviews to see if you’d like to go!

The Smoking Swine

This is the most unique of all the restaurants, seeing as how it’s actually a food truck. Serving most of the Baltimore/Washington area, The Smoking Swine comes in 3rd with 52 reviews and a 4.5 Star Rating. It is around the same price range as the other two restaurants.

This food truck serves traditional American BBQ. They have “no desire to be groundbreaking… we are driven by a desire to make the best traditional American BBQ that you have ever had.” That’s straight from their web page, so you don’t really need the reviews to want to go try this food truck out, but we’ll go through some of them anyway.

Kyle B. from Baltimore, MD, says “it’s definitely some of [his] favorite barbecue… classic backyard BBQ cooked the right way and packed with flavor.” He mentions long lines, only further proving how good it is.

Ran L. from Washington D.C. says it’s “some LEGIT BBQ,” and “holds a candle to some of the best I have had in Texas and the Carolina’s.”

The Smoking Swine was also featured on The Food Network. Need we say more?

I’m Starving

Well, we got really hungry writing this and looking at all this food. We encourage you to go out and enjoy your local restaurants, and if you don’t want to go to any of the top three, here’s the whole list.