Maryland is 12,407 square miles of rich and wild history. For example, did you know our state dessert is the Smith Island Cake? It’s a cake that was originally made on Smith Island, and there’s between eight and 15 layers all separated by thick icing. Here’s some more fun facts about Maryland.

  1. Jousting was the states national sport until it was switched to lacrosse in 2004.

  2. National Bohemian (a.k.a. Natty Boh), native Baltimore brewery, was the first company to use the six-pack of beer.

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  3. The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine was the first to employ a female professor of medicine in 1901, her name was Florence Rena Sabin.

    Florence Rena Sabin
  4. The highest point in Maryland is 3,360 feet above see level on top of Backbone Mountain, and the lowest is 174 feet below sea level in Bloody Point Hole.
    Bloody Point Bar Light

    Backbone Mountain
  5. Annapolis is known as the Sailing Capital of the World.

    Sail Boat
  6. The first dental school in the United States was in the University of Maryland.

    The First Dental College, Medicine in Maryland
  7. BWI Airport used to be called Friendship International Airport.

    BWI now

Maryland is pretty unique and cool, isn’t it? Find out more interesting facts here!