The Rhythm Surf Monkeys are Eldersburg natives, and they finally got to play their first gig back at their home turf at The Stables in Westminster.

The History

RSM started in 2013 and have since made 4 albums and are currently working on a 5th one that will be released later this year. The band was founded by Jim Hiltz and Kyle Reitz in 2012, who then collaborated with other local artists like Rob Fahey and R. Lee Townsend, until 2017 when they formed a solid band for Stanstock. In the band now are Sherry V, Jim Hiltz, Jeff Bober, Mike Hamilton, Kyle Reitz, and Tom White.

Stanstock was a big deal for the band, as they gained a ton of exposure and climbed the ranks because of the two-day festival. Now, they’ve gained international recognition and were named one of the top rock albums released internationally by Music Through the Times magazine in 2017, and they’ve won multiple other awards since.

The Music

It’s no surprise people love them when they try their hardest to make their concerts fun.

“People can expect a rock show,” Hiltz said about their gig in Westminster. “It’s going to be 130 beats per minute rock and roll, and we’re going to throw in some blues and really just try to entertain the crowd.”

The band is fully collaborative, and always helping each other make better music. Reitz notes that the best part of touring is “being able to play with the band more and more and learn about everyone else  as musicians…. and [grow] as a unit.”

The Future

The band is still growing and always coming up with new music, but Hiltz said that he’s started to notice fans actually singing the songs back to them at concerts, and “that’s truly a rush.”

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