Top Stories of 2018 in Eldersburg

2018 has been quite an eventful year, and it is finally over. Important stories appeared from all around the world. But what really made the year special was each local community of citizens living, working, and interacting to make the world a better place, and Eldersburg is no exception. The people here have shaped the town and made it what it is today. To celebrate the Eldersburg community, we put together a list of all kinds of different news stories from Eldersburg from throughout 2018. Here are the seven top stories of 2018.

1. Groundhog Shooting

Earlier this year, a groundhog was shot to death on Liberty Road near Eldersburg by a Carroll County Sheriff. A video was recorded of the incident, which went viral on Facebook and has drawn sharp criticism from people concerned about the animal’s treatment, while others defend the officer’s actions.

The reason suggested for the animal’s killing was that it was behaving erratically, as though injured or sick, and could have posed an immediate threat to the people in the area. Many Twitter users commented on the sheriff’s actions, some condemning the shooting.

The video of the groundhog being shot has since been posted to YouTube, where it has collected over 900,000 views. Please note that it does contain content some may find disturbing.

The incident attracted national attention and was even covered by the Washington Post.

2. Driver Rescued from Underwater Car in Liberty Reservoir

In July of 2018, a vehicle with a man inside became submerged off of a boat ramp at Liberty Reservoir. Emergency services from Sykesville, Gamber, and Baltimore arrived at the scene to help the trapped man escape.

Several deputies, Environmental Police Officer, and a citizen who was present at the time successfully rescued the driver of the vehicle and transported him back to safety. He was subsequently transferred to Northwest Hospital Center.

The Gamber Fire Company Dive Team determined that no other passengers were inside the vehicle at the time it was submerged. The vehicle was recovered by the Baltimore City Police Underwater Recovery Unit, but most importantly, the victim was saved because of the efforts of local emergency workers.

3. Flash Flood Watch

We have had all kinds of weather throughout 2018; from rain to snow to hail, not to mention numerous storms and hurricanes, conditions have changed frequently, sometimes from day to day. Eldersburg and Carroll County have experienced much of this varied weather, especially in the form of rain. Sometimes this rain comes very quickly and existing drainage systems cannot keep up with the flow of water, leading to flooding.

This is what happened earlier this year, when a series of storms brought . By the time more precipitation arrived, the ground was already saturated with water from the nonstop rain of the previous week. A flash flood watch was issued for much of Maryland and Virginia, including Carroll County, as the region saw countless gallons of water falling from the sky and causing some minor flooding in low-lying areas.

Thankfully, the damage caused was minimal and we have had plenty of sunny weather to go along with the rain!

4. Three People Rescued from Liberty Reservoir

There has been more than one daring rescue at Liberty Reservoir this year. In May, a canoe capsized and three people fell into the water. Carroll County Emergency Operations Center was contacted after a passengers on a nearby fishing boat unsuccessfully attempted to rescue the victims.

The Gamber and Community Fire Company and Sykesville Fire Departments were able to extricate the victims from the water. The canoe was recovered and all three victims were unharmed.

5. Oklahoma Road Middle Receives Blue Ribbon Award

Arguably one of the best middle schools in Eldersburg, Maryland, Oklahoma Road Middle School has won multiple awards for good character, including Maryland School of the Year for Character Education. Most recently, Oklahoma Road was named winner of a Blue Ribbon award, in large part thanks to the school’s leadership and guidance counselor.

Oklahoma School

In addition to the awards it has one, Oklahoma Road Middle is one of the best-performing schools in the county and consistently achieves high standardized testing scores as a school. The Student Government Association at the school has helped to transform it into a more positive place and a better learning environment for students.

Oklahoma Road Middle School

6. Popeyes Opens its Doors in Eldersburg

Many residents of Eldersburg were excited earlier this year when the town’s very own Popeye’s began construction. The restaurant, which serves Louisiana-style cajun fast food, is being opened in place of a former Arby’s that has closed.

Several citizens shared their excitement on social media.

7. Great Blue Heron Sculpture is Unveiled in Piney Run Park

Lastly but not least, a brand-new sculpture of a Great Blue Heron was unveiled at Piney Run Park in Eldersburg this past April. The sculpture was sponsored by Carroll County Arts Council and the Carroll County Department of Recreation and Parks, and was created by the talented Virginia Sperry, an artist from nearby Sykesville.

Ms. Sperry’s other works have been exhibited in states such as Connecticut, South Dakota, and Wisconsin and have won her a number of awards. The Great Blue Heron sculpture was constructed from steel feathers on a welded steel rod frame, and makes a great addition to Piney Run Park.

You can read more about the sculpture in the Carroll County Times.

Goodbye, 2018

This concludes our list of the top stories in Eldersburg from 2018. Last year was full of interesting stories from many different places, including Eldersburg. Let’s look forward to another exciting year!