Tiny houses are an interesting new trend where you live in an absurdly small house in exchange for affordability and environmental consciousness. The Mid-Atlantic Tiny House Expo is your chance to check out what’s going on in the world of tiny houses.

We’re talking accessories, zoning laws, furnishings, building materials, and more. They’re going to give you everything you need to know to get started with the tiny house world in “2 action packed days”. It’s the perfect place to find out whether or not this is for you.

So, grab a ticket and find out more about the world of Tiny Houses! The event is this weekend!

So, Let’s Talk Tiny Houses

Tiny houses are exactly what they sound like. They have all of the features of a house, but everything is miniature. The focus of designing a tiny house is on simplicity and efficiency. We live in a loud, cluttered, highly populated world flooded with advertisements and constant stimulation.

It’s not all that surprising that there is a movement of people who are looking to escape all that for something smaller and quieter. Tiny Houses are the reaction to the McMansions of the 80’s and 90’s. Remember those? McMansions were enormous eyesores that people built as a testament to their lack of architectural knowledge.  Despite their bizarre building choices, they still all managed to look the same.

As the cycle of action and reaction continues in the artistic expression of humanity, tiny homes are truly the antithesis of the gaudy horrors of our past.

Why Do People Love Tiny Homes?

The number one selling point for tiny houses is their price tag. Even building your own, customized tiny house is far cheaper than buying a more conventional house. Though their price tags vary widely, you’re looking at numbers closer to 50k than 350k.

The second reason why people love tiny houses is that because you’re not spending a lot of money on necessary materials and space, you can invest in the important elements of the house. You can have quality over quantity.

Tiny houses are also portable, so you can really take them anywhere as long as you have the right permits and a strong trailer.

The Problem with Tiny Houses

Though tiny houses are economically friendly, affordable, and cute to boot, they are not without their share of issues. Tiny houses, though gorgeous and efficient, are not always the most equipped to handle the elements. If a hurricane can threaten a traditional home, one could only imagine what it might do to a tiny one.

Not only that, but Home Owners’ Associations are not fans and often have a minimum size requirement to “preserve the character of the neighborhood”. Though this may change over time, it is a major hurdle for the current tiny house landscape.