Taking your dog out on adventures is pretty fun. Watching the general public ooh and aah over your adorable fur baby is part of the adventure, but not every business is welcoming to dogs. Sometimes it’s for safety and sometimes it’s for other important reasons, but either way, there are a lot of places where you and your buddy aren’t allowed to go.

Don’t despair! Here are some awesome places where you can take your very best furry friend!

Glory Days Grill

The Glory Days Grill is your home for juicy burgers, awesome wings, and all things sports. Thankfully, you can bring your pup to the outdoor seating area to enjoy a meal together. They’ve won a ton of awards for their food, service, and cocktails. So head on in, and try one of their burgers. For the vegetarians and vegans among you, there is an impossible burger on the menu. (It’s really good and has absolutely no meat in it what so ever.)

The County Cork Wine Pub

The County Cork Wine Pub is a great place to grab a bite. They have outdoor seating that available for you and your dog to sit and enjoy some time together. They have changing specials, so there’s plenty to try on multiple visits. They also have a Sunday Brunch if you’re into that sort of business and bands that play from time to time.

Piney Run Park

After you’ve eaten something, take a hike or a stroll through Piney Run Park. There are 5 miles of hiking trails that you can explore as well as fields, forests, and open spaces to run and play in.

Just remember that swimming in the lake is strictly forbidden for people and puppies. Though, if you want, you can take them out on a little boat. Just make sure that they’re wearing their life vest in case they fall in!

Puppy Luv Dog Boutique and Spa

In the neighboring town of Sykesville, there is a little shop and spa for all of your doggie-dog needs. Along with their full-service grooming services, they also offer a ton of regionally-sourced treats, practical items, and training helpers for dogs. They also have a neat little bakery where you can find a freshly baked snack for your doggo. You can even buy a cake if your adoption day is coming up and you want to celebrate in style.

Humane Domain also offers in-store dog training, animal reiki, canine massage, canine relaxation exercise, and other cool services.