Maryland weather is very drastic we can have 80 degree days in February and 40 degree days in July. Despite the drastic changes the weather forecast can always keep you up to date.

Eldersburg, MD Weather Forecast

See what’s predicted for Eldersburg this week:


As you can see the weather is extremely wet these upcoming weeks heading into August. Remeber to stay dry with an umbrella or raincoat.

Eldersburg Reacts to the Rain

Around the state, people have been reacting to the week-long rain storm all over social media. Here’s what local Eldersburg Residents have to say.

BREAKING: A flood warning has been issued calling for another inch of rain before Tuesday morning.

Posted by Eldersburg Patch on Monday, July 23, 2018

Stay Safe Eldersburg

Rain doesn’t sound too dangerous but when you start your travels to work, friends houses, or even the grocery store the rain can definitely affect the commute.

Here’s a couple of flood tips, courtesy of FEMA:

  • Don’t walk or drive through any flood waters. How much water do you think can move a vehicle? Only a foot, isn’t that shocking.
  • Avoid bridges, especially those crossing moving water. Water rises very fast and floods over the bridges quickly.
  • Listen to any and all emergency advice from officials, they update their social media accounts frequently.
  • Stock up on emergency supplies prior to the storm. Supplies such as: food, water, batteries, blankets, radios, etc.
  • Develop an evacuation plan for yourself and your family, know what you will do when disaster strikes.

Rainy Inside Tips

The best thing to do in rain storms such as the one Eldersburg is facing this summer is to stay indoors.

Similar to a snow day here are some things you and your family can enjoy inside.

  • Read a book, simple enough pick up some classics and get reading
  • Play a board game/video game this a great activity for the family
  • Refine your baking skills, nothing better than listening to the rain than with your warm chocolate chip cookies.
  • Catch up on a TV series you’ve been putting off, don’t have one? Google has many recommendations
  • Listen to some music or podcasts, TedTalks are great.
  • And so much more!

Most importantly stay dry and have fun inside on this wet week in Eldersburg.