Los Aztecas is the hotspot for Mexican food in Eldersburg MD. We heard all the talk and decided to try it out ourselves.

Here’s a review of Los Aztecas located in Eldersburg MD. 

Authentic Mexican Resturant

Walking into the Mexican restaurant you automatically feel the authentic vibe. Everywhere you look you feel like you’re in another country.

Music played throughout the restaurant at a good level enough to talk to your family and friends but not quiet enough to make a first date feel awkward.

The world cup is in the heat of the season and they had three TV’s playing the games. The customers loved it and some were even sitting at the bar during the lunch hours.

My favorite part of the atmosphere is the iconic Mexican style roofing within the dining area. The layout was very large for a small business and we’re sure it fills up on a Friday and Saturday night.

booth tops

The booths on the edges of the restaurant, everyone’s favorite, were secluded from the middle tables with a roof-like coverage. It truly felt like when you walked in you were not in Eldersburg anymore.

Honest Family Service

The second I walked in I was greeted by a host that seemed to do a lot for the restaurant she was helping run food in the back, manning the host stand and checking up on customers. The waiter was beyond helpful.

The restaurant is family owned and operated which gave more honest answers to my favorite question “what’s good here”. The waiter was more than happy to help me decide what to get and referred me to the lunch specials.

Mouth Watering Main Dish

The lunch specials were obviously cheaper but still provided a variety of options from burritos, taco salads, to taquitos. With items averaging from $10-$15 I definitely felt like I got the best bang for my buck.

The second I was seated  I was given a complimentary basket of chips with a jar topourr your own salsa. The waiter made sure I knew any additional baskets had a charge, but there was plenty of chips left before I finished my meal.

Chips Los A

As I ordered the table beside me ordered the homemade guacamole and to my surprise two minutes later the chef came out from the back and prepared the delicious dish in front of them. Luckily my order came with guac so I got to try the famous dish.

I finally decided on many options to try the famous taquito lunch special. I was looking for a dish with a variety of side dishes and something that didn’t make me feel bloated or too heavy.


This was the perfect match, the taquitos came out hot with a side of tomatoes, sour cream, guacamole and Spanish rice. I couldn’t finish all of the dish and was delighted to take the rest home.

Traditional Mexican Desserts

Since it was lunch time I wasn’t in the mood for some dessert but the options were on the table throughout the meal. Most included authentic Mexican desserts that looked mouth watering.

Left Full and Happy

With the beautiful décor and layout, I felt warm and welcomed. It was as if I really was in a Mexican restaurant in the heart of Mexico. The family-owned restaurant provided great staff and service.

The theme was carried throughout the restaurant with beautiful artwork in the sink and iconic Mexican style doors.

My meal came out in less than 10 minutes while I sat occupied with a basket full of chips and dip. The overall food left me feeling lightweight and pleased with the taste and authenticity of true Mexican food.

Community Can’t Get Enough

The community agrees! Our opinions are just as important as every other customer. Here’s what other people are saying.

Great food that uses real, honest and fresh ingredients. Great service. Even a nice selection of Mexican beers on tap. Well worth the wait at peak times. There's a reason the place is so popular.

Posted by Mark Beck on Monday, April 9, 2018

What a wonderful surprise! Great atmosphere, great food and exceptional service. The best Mexican food in Maryland. …

Posted by Charlotte Davis Osborne on Saturday, April 21, 2018


Check out Los Aztecas facebook video, or better yet try it out for your next date night!

Los Aztecas Mexican Restaurant in Eldersburg

Enjoy a traditional mexican dining experiencie at Los Aztecas!

Posted by Los Aztecas on Thursday, March 15, 2018

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