Eldersburg Branch library is known for it’s beautiful butterfly garden. You might be thinking why can’t I do this is my backyard? You can! Here’s your guide to everything gardening in Eldersburg, MD.

What grows in Eldersburg, MD?

Plants need rainfall, sunlight, and care. The first thing you need to know when planting is the amount of rain it will receive. In Eldersburg the rainfall is 44 inches per year the countries average is roughly 22 inches. With rain above average and 208 sunny days per year spring and summer are great times to plant in Eldersburg.

These are just a few options of plants that thrive in Eldersburg, MD.


  • Lettuce (needs cool weather, plant in winter/spring)
  • Tomatoes ( need 5-6 hrs of sun)
  • Beans ( need a 12 inch deep pot)
  • Peppers (need sunny/warm weather)
  • Spearmint (spring/fall plant)
  • Radishes (need 3 inches in between each plant)

gardening guide eldersburg


  • Daises (plant in spring in sun)
  • Black eyed Susan(plant in warm temperature)
  • Day lilies (need vertical space to grow tall)
  • Morning Glories (plant on balcony)
  • Marigolds (plant by tomatoes to deter pests)

The Maryland state flower grows great in warm weather in Eldersburg!

eldersburg garden plants

Common Shrubs

  • Hydrangea (need partial shade)
  • Rhododendron (plant in spring)
  • Rose(6 hours of sun)
  • Azalea (plant in early fall)
  • Forsythia (needs full sunlight)

Gardening Hubs

After choosing your plant you need to pick a location that provides many options.

Visit Buppert’s Doran’s Chance Farm in Eldersburg site for a great variety of Perennials http://www.bupperts.com/maryland-plants-flowers-herbs-vegetables.php

Posted by Buppert's /Doran's Chance Farm on Thursday, March 1, 2018


Dicks Garden Center also provides a garden center full of common shrubs and landscaping visit http://www.dickslandscape.com/

Terra Tree Farm is a plant nursery that provides many types of trees located on Calais Dr. https://www.terratreefarm.com/

If you’re an avid gardener consider joining Master Gardeners in the Native Garden at the Eldersburg Branch Library, contact therows(Sorry, please remove this text and add the normal symbol.)comcast.net to volunteer.


Hopefully this guide has helped to fuel inspiration to finally get out and make a beautiful garden! Eldersburg is a great location to grow a variety of plants in the warm spring leading into the hot summer months.