Rain. Rain. And more Rain.  Maybe we should change our town name to Rainburg.  After a week of rain, Eldersburg is in the final day (hopefully) of mostly rain, with tomorrow’s forecast to be partly cloudy.

Local weather guru Justin Berk shares the updated forecast, with a warning of possible flooding as well:

Every day this week saw at least some rain in Eldersburg…but this should have been no surprise as last Sunday’s forecast at the beginning of the week saw a solid stream of thunderstorms every day this week:

Of course, the rain is a welcome to the farmers and gardeners in Eldersburg, but enough already.  At least the rain in Eldersburg was not as bad as this extreme storm in Eldersburg a few years back in 2016, with torrential rains and a reporting of a tornado here (Warning: Not suitable language – aka Fbombs and more)