In September 2017, Commissioner Doug Howard created the District 5 Citizens Advisory Group. The purpose of the group is to assist the District 5 commissioner, with offering ideas, input, feedback, and a means of communication.

The group is currently seeking volunteers from the following precincts:

Precinct Polling Location

05-003 Oklahoma Road Middle School
05-005 Piney Ridge Elementary School
14-001 Linton Springs Elementary School

Commissioner Howard plans to meet monthly with the group. He is optimistic that this will help address issues and concerns unique to the Freedom area. Long term, he is hopeful that such participation will result in a more formal role in relation to the Board of Commissioners.

Citizens interested in participating can email Vivian Daly for an application at vdaly(Sorry, please remove this text and add the normal symbol.)

For additional information, contact:
Vivian Daly