The Sykesville-Freedom District Fire Department will be bringing Santa Claus through the neighborhoods of Sykesville and Eldersburg this week!

Here’s the tentative schedule for the week. Santa will be out each evening from 6:30-9:30 PM. Please understand that the routes can be subject to change due to emergency calls, weather and other factors. Attempts to stay as close to the schedule as possible.

While we attempt to get into as many neighborhoods as possible, we cannot get to all streets. Best bet: if you live in a cul-de-sac, please walk out to the main thru-road or street when you hear the sirens.

Follow Sykesville-Freedom District Fire Department on Twitter @SykesvilleFD, or on the Facebook page for updates, as we are able to provide them. Thank you for your support of the Sykesville-Freedom District Fire Department!

Monday 12/12/16 – MacBeth and Piney Ridge Pkwy
Grandview Ave., MacBeth Way (Pizza Hut side), Tydings Road, Jay Road, Meadowcroft Ct., Samara Road, Stonebrook Drive, Lorimel Rd., Piney Ridge Pkwy, Emerald Lane, Fairfield Lane, Piney Ridge Drive, Freedom Ave, Johnsville Road (South of Liberty Rd.), Breezy Lake Drive, Chatelane Ct.

Tuesday – 12/13/16 – Northwest Route
Stone Manor, Strawbridge Terr., Compton Lane, Hodges Road, Brynwood Hills, Johnsville Road (North of 26), Caren Drive, Courtland Drive, Edgewood Community, Parrish Park.

Wednesday, 12/14/16 – Southeast Route Part 1
Monroe Ave (south of Liberty Rd.), North part of Ridge Road, Cable Dr., Melstone Valley Way, Shub Farm Rd., MacBeth Way (East Side), Gemini Drive, Reservoir Ridge, East Hemlock Drive.

Thursday, 12/15/16 – Southeast Part 2/Northeast Route
Carroll Highlands, Sunset Drive, Harvest Farm, Quail Meadow, Locust Ln., Monroe Ave. (North of Liberty Rd.), Snowdens Run Road, Mineral Hill Rd., North Sunset Dr., Oakland Rd., Conan Doyle Way, Bennett Rd., Wendy Road, Oklahoma Road, Cohasset Ct.

Friday, 12/16/16 – Sykesville Town
Willow Bottom Rd., Armistice Way, Sykesville Town, Jennifer Way, Norris Ave, Harlan Lane, Main Street, Kalorama Road, 2nd Ave, Oklahoma Ave, Sandosky Road, Springfield Ave., Village Road.

Saturday, 12/17/16 – Sykesville West Route
Gaither Road, Gaither Manor Dr., Bethway Dr., Patapsco Drive, Riverview Trail, Dogwood Rd., White Rock Road (South of Streaker Rd.), Carmae Rd., Stratford Drive, Aster Way, Martz Road, Candlewicke Ct, Rockvale Rd.