If you never grew out of your childhood Mac and Cheese cravings, then Noodles &
Company is for you. Its slim menu celebrates noodles in a variety of iterations, from
ethnic inspired Japanese Noodles to several flavorings of the old standby Mac and


Opened in 2015, Eldersburg’s Noodles & Company is popular with the younger set, and
families. It has mixed reviews, with a loyal army of Mac and Cheese heads, and then
there are those who have tried it wondering what all the fuss is about.

It’s listed as #15 on TripAdvisor’s Most Popular Eldersburg Restaurants, with most
giving it a “Very Good” rating of 4. Most of the dismayed reviews reflect on poor
service or the sometimes crowdedness; almost all reviewers like the food.

Read the Eldersburg’s Noodles & Company review on TripAdvisor

Google Reviews are more of the same, with a few selective shout-outs to embarassingly
poor customer experiences.

It’s true though – Noodles & Company is not just for kids. Don’t believe us? Watch the

Casual Chain Dining
As you’d expect from a chain, nothing fancy, and nothing that won’t see at all the
other N&C locations. Relatively clean, decent service, and corralled food ordering
make this an ok eating out time, nothing special.

It’s All About the Noodles
Noodles and Company’s loyal fan base craves and keeps coming back for its few, popular
signature noodle dishes.

Family Friendly
Like all Noodles and Company locations, families are welcome, with a casual atmosphere and a full Kids Menu, that includes budget-friendly pricing and smaller portions.

All the food is prepared fresh, the meals are tasty, and the portions are generous.
So, for sit down or take out, you’ll get your money’s worth. If you haven’t tried it
before, give it a go.