Sadly, the Library of Alexandria has burned down, surviving only in our memories,
and into the realm of what might have been. Gladly, the Library of Eldersburg,
thanks to the Carroll County Libary system, lives on. Robust with works of
literature, music, arts, and video games, the Eldersburg Library is the cultural
epicenter of Eldersburg.

If you haven’t been to the Eldersburg branch lately, you haven’t been. It’s more
than just books, with media of all types, and events daily. You can devour
books, magazines, music, audio books, and much more onsite, or with a library
card, borrow to your heart’s content, then return at any of the Carroll County

Library Cards Rule

With a library card, you can check out books, CDs, audio books, movies, video games, and much more.  Experience the power and joy a library card brings:

Happening Place
There’s always something going on at the Eldersburg Library. There’s daily
events including book clubs, playtime for toddlers, musical performances, and
much more.


Discover all that the Eldersburg Library has to offer





Eldersburg Library
Eldersburg Library Website
Address: 6400 W. Hemlock Drive, Eldersburg, MD 21784
Phone: 410.386.4460