Eldersburg community theater group TACTICC, a well-known organization that organized and produced several top-notch plays over the past few years, has shuttered its doors.  The news, according to the groups’ website:

It is with sincere thanks and a heavy heart that we at TACTICC need to share some news with our supportive theatre family.  TACTICC has had an increasingly difficult time procuring rehearsal and performance spaces over the past several years.  We have made multiple attempts to join forces with other organizations to utilize unused space in our community and beyond with little to no success.  Lack of space was the reason for cancelling our Fall impACT program. 
We continue to have difficulty finding suitable rehearsal and performance space for our spring and summer programs.  In light of the announced school closings in Carroll County, it appears it will become increasingly more difficult to obtain space.  We do not have the level of support from the school system and Carroll County Parks and Rec that it would take to grow or even sustain the organization.  Private rehearsal and performance space has not been attainable. 
With the increasing programming and production costs, school closings, and decreasing support from the CCPS community we are no longer able to offer quality education of Theatre to the students and community of Carroll County.   We are sad to announce that we are closing the doors of TACTICC.
We at TACTICC want to thank the Carroll County Arts Council for their guidance and support throughout the years.  To our students, families, and employees, we thank you for your support and belief in TACTICC.  It was an honor to have your participation in our programs.  May you continue your love of the arts and we sincerely wish you the best.